Judge Dredd: Total War

Cover art

Total carnage!

In the Grand Hall of Justice a chilling ultimatum is issued to the Judges: Remove yourselves from power or face the consequences. Somewhere in Mega-City One the terrorist organisation Total War have planted two hundred thermonuclear devices and as long as the Judges stay in charge they will detonate them one by one.

Total War is an explosive epic from Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner (A History of Violence) with art from Colin MacNeil (Devlin Waugh), Henry Flint (Judge Dredd Vs Aliens) and Jason Brashill (Shaun of the Dead).

Judge Dredd: Total War

John Wagner, Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint and Jason Brashill

128 pages
Paperback, 7½" x 10¼"
ISBN-10: 1904265782
ISBN-13: 978-1904265788
First published: November, 2005

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