Judge Anderson: Anderson, PSI-Division

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CASSANDRA ANDERSON IS A MEMBER OF PSI-DIVISION, the psychic section of the Justice Department. A precognitive telepath and empathy, she can detect crimes before they're even committed!

In this first collection of her stories — written by John Wagner (Batman) and Alan Grant (Lobo), with art by Brett Ewins (Skreemer), Cliff Robinson, Robin Smith, Barry Kitson (Legion), Jeff Anderson and Will Simpson — Judge Anderson must face the horror of the Dark Judges once more, enter a demonic realm in a quest to save a young boy's life and face Orlok, the terrifying assassin who nearly destroyed Mega-City One!

Judge Anderson: Anderson, PSI-Division

John Wagner, Alan Grant, Jeff Anderson, Brett Ewins, et al

192 pages
Paperback, 7½" x 10¼"
ISBN-10: 1904265391
ISBN-13: 978-1904265399
First published: May, 2005

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