Judge Dredd: Day Of Chaos: The Fourth Faction


They want it all gone

Legendary Judge Dredd-co-creator John Wagner has written the longest, most eventful and world-shattering Dredd-epic of his career. Mega-City One has seen nothing like this since the Apocalypse War, and this time things are looking even darker.

With the much-loved mayor of Mega-City One presumed dead by the citizens, an election has been scheduled to choose his succes- sor. Cadet Judge Hennessey has predicted that something terrible will happen on the Election Day and she may be right. East-Meg assassin Nadia has arrived in the Big Meg, looking for a scientist who has created a very dangerous virus...

Judge Dredd: Day Of Chaos: The Fourth Faction

John Wagner, various artists

192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-78108-108-2
First published: February, 2013

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