Banzai Battalion

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The prototype 'City of the Future', and home to Judge Dredd, Mega-City One is also home to nearly 400 million citizens, housed in sky-high 'blocks' which can accommodate over 70,000 people each. Even so, the city is terribly overcrowded, so gardens, greenery and other non-habitation space is incredibly closely regulated, and almost unreachable for all but the wealthiest citizens.

One such garden is atop the Hamilton Heights Block, patrolled by tiny droids who fight off all garden pests — the Banzai Battalion!

Captain Bug Stomper ("He's a legend in garden pest control!") leads the Battalion; a man of action, he's brave and heroic, ready for battle no matter what the cost. The Sarge completes the leadership cadre, another brave soldier but with an eye for battlefield tactics. Able, Baker, Charlie and Big D comprise the foot soldiers of the battalion; when the bugs are roaming, these are the men in the front line of defence! Finally, there's the beautiful Flammbo, a hot number in more ways than one — and her enormous firepower might just have caught a certain officer's eye...

Now fix bayonets, soldiers — it's time to charge!

Banzai Battalion

John Wagner, Henry Flint, Ian Gibson, Cam Kennedy

80 pages
Paperback, 8½" x 12"
ISBN-10: 1904265111
ISBN-13: 978-1904265115
First published: December, 2003

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